My Crazy Youtube Channel

Hi! Today I’m gonna talk about my crazy youtube channel. Its weird and crazy, but I like doing crazy things whenย  I make videos. I usually make my videos in my parents’ room, but sometimes I make them in my room. If you’re wondering, my channel is called “CaollinsCrazyVlogs.” It’s a weird name, but I like it very much. I make videos about Shopkins. Well, almost all of them. Continue reading “My Crazy Youtube Channel”


The crazy kids

I live in a big family, and it’s so fun.It is loud all the time… well….I’m loud too… but its fun having a big family. Kids are running around all the time, so do I, but not that much. Five kids asking mom for stuff like food, mostly. Kids come outside and yell…for their friends and each other.

Little Luke is my brother. He’s funny. Well, he’s not my only brother. I have 11 brothers and sisters counting me. So when we home school ๐Ÿซ it is so loud. And when I play with my siblings, like when I play school, it’s like a real school.

They love popcorn, but they don’t share all the time. Bailey my other brother likes drums. He made himself a pair of drums.He loves making things-well me and Bailey work as a team to create new things.

And when we go to church โ›ช it’s a big mess.Kids’ shoes are missing, brushing their hair and changing their clothes ๐Ÿ‘š Mom has a a lot of stuff to do. Poor mom. I feel so bad.

Playing house with my family is a lot of fun, which I will play with them now.

What a crazy family. Hope you enjoyed my story of my big family.๐Ÿ˜„