Helping Life

We went outside and I went to my friends house because they called me over because they saw a baby bird! I gasped when I saw the baby bird. I felt so bad so I got a bucket and I put it in the grass so my friend’s dogs didn’t eat it. There was another bird but the dogs ate it. But we saved one. 

Here is what the bird looked like, we named the bird Yami.

We did hold her because she was a little cold and scared. We had Yami outside so birds could feed her but only one was feeding her. Yami would go over to a pile of sticks and wait for the bird to feed her. She loved that bird! It could had been her mom. We gave Yami a bath and let her drink, she loved to play in water it was her favorite thing to do. I would turn on the hose and she would come running over to splash and play in big puddles.

 She was so adorable! I would laugh when she jumped on my little sisters. We knew she was going to die….So we gave her all of the love that we could. I had two days and she was still wandering in my yard.

Some bird would beat her and peck at her, but she would fight back! I made her a little bed so she could sleep amd she loved it so much. I was three days and she was still there. If she was out in the world wandering by herself she would have not lasted at all. But we let her live a little longer.

 She died when we had her three days. It was a sad sad day….. My sister buried her. And we all felt so sorry for Yami.


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