My Homeschooled Life

Memoirs of a 12-year-old homeschooler


Hi!  Welcome to my blog…again!! Today I am going to talk about my homeschooled life. I like being homeschooled because its nice and peaceful and sometimes even really loud…but that does not matter; I love being with my family. I love math, too (sorry, I had to get that off my chest) Doing school with my family is much better than being stuck in school with random kids. My mom is probably the nicest teacher I had! I feel more free than being cooped up in real school. 

bored child at school

I play outside longer than I did in real school. Okay… homeschooling is real, too. I also can go to the creek at like eleven o’clock for learning. I love being homeschooled. I will probably say that a lot!!!!

Going for school supplies is really easy!! We don’t even need a backpack! When it is morning, we don’t have to rush for school. That’s something handy. 🙂 I like being home all day; it is sooo relaxing. I don’t have to walk or be driven to and from school. I won’t be bullied- that’s something I love! I also can be in my pjs… I’ll be so comfy while I do my school work.

homeschooling in pajamas

School takes like two, maybe four, hours. That’s not that long. I also love learning German. Okay, okay… I did love learning German. I don’t do it much, though. I will come back to that soon. We do something called a unit study. It’s something that you do together, have fun, and learn- all at the same time.

I don’t really have that much to say, so I’ll talk more about myself. My favorite color is blue, I like to play with Shopkins (these really cute toys-don’t judge me for that). 😛 I will play with them even when I’m 70 years old.

Shopkins  are actually great with math because they’re so small, and they’re easy to count with. My mom uses them when my little sister does math. They’re a great help with that, and they are also amazing toys! (They’re made from Moose Toys- a very great toy company.) That’s all I have for today thx!!

Thank you so much!!! like and share, too!!!!!!!!!


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