My Crazy Youtube Channel

Hi! Today I’m gonna talk about my crazy youtube channel. Its weird and crazy, but I like doing crazy things when  I make videos. I usually make my videos in my parents’ room, but sometimes I make them in my room. If you’re wondering, my channel is called “CaollinsCrazyVlogs.” It’s a weird name, but I like it very much. I make videos about Shopkins. Well, almost all of them. Continue reading “My Crazy Youtube Channel”


My Homeschooled Life

Memoirs of a 12-year-old homeschooler

Hi!  Welcome to my blog…again!! Today I am going to talk about my homeschooled life. I like being homeschooled because its nice and peaceful and sometimes even really loud…but that does not matter; I love being with my family. I love math, too (sorry, I had to get that off my chest) Doing school with my family is much better than being stuck in school with random kids. My mom is probably the nicest teacher I had! I feel more free than being cooped up in real school.  Continue reading “My Homeschooled Life”