Top Ten Of My Favorite Movies!

Today I’m gonna talk about my favorite movies so lets GO!

1.Tangled: A Disney movie about a girl who has long magical hair. A witch stole the girl, whose name is Rapunzel.  Dun dun duuuh!

2. Frozen: A Disney movie about a princess who has ice powers. She also has a sister, and her sister’s name is Anna. Anna’s sister who has ice powers is named Elsa. She turns the town all cold and icy.. Dun dun duuhhhh!!

3. Despicable Me: A movie about little yellow minions and a guy named Gru who tried to take the moon. Dun dun duuhh!

4. Sharknado: It’s about a big tornado of sharks. Sharks are everywhere, and the whole city is flooded.. Dun Dunn duuhh!!

5. My Babysitter’s a Vampire: A movie that is about a boy named Ethan who has a babysitter that is a vampire, although her crummy ex boyfriend bit her, and she doesn’t what to be one. Oh, and the  babysitter’s name is Sarah!

6. Bunks: A movie about two  teenagers that are brothers who go to a camp that is haunted. When they read a book that they find in the woods about zombies, and then zombies come to life!!!

7. Goosebumps: This is about a story writer who writes a book about mysterious creatures, but then the stuff in the book comes to life.

8. Monsterville: This is about a group of friends who go to a funland, and an evil spirit runs the funland that they go to.

9. Bold Eagle: This is a movie about an eagle that layed an egg and then got caught, so then a car named Radar looks after the egg. They find the thief who stole the egg’s mom, and they get the mommy eagle back.

10. Harry Potter: It is about a boy who was born a wizard and had to go to magic school, so he learned at that school, and he met some friends!!

                   Thank you!!


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