There once was a girl named Abby. She loved this apple tree so much. Every day the tree moved in a different position. One day she picked apples, and the tree ate all of the apples she took from the tree. She saw what happened, and she thought that she was dreaming. The tree smiled and gave her a wink.

She ran inside and told her mom what had happened, but of course she didn’t believe her. She looked through her bedroom window,  and the tree switched positions again. It ate a bunny. Abby ran with a knife and cut the tree’s branches. The tree smacked Abby away. She got right back up and started to smack it and cut I

The tree ate the knife and Abby…..

Her mom was calling her for dinner, but there was no response. Her mother saw the evil tree and punched it, and it spit out Abby.

Her mother shouted at the beast. Abby got her father’s shotgun and gave it to her mother. She shot the evil tree three times. That beast was dead. Abby and ber mother got out of that house. They all lived happily ever after.

                      The End


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