Random Blog

Today I’m not talking about Minecraft. I’m talking about random stuff…..idk…some stuff about myself…

First off, I’m twelve and I’m homeschooled, and it is so fun. I love homeschooling with my family…..I have 11 siblings counting me. My favorite color is blue. It is a pretty color. I love writing and drawing and math! I love math- most people don’t. I also love going to the creek with my older siblings. I also am a Christian! I’m not much of a reader, but sometimes I’m interested.I only went to school for a little while, maybe two years. I don’t remember..

I’m also a gamer kinda person. I love playing games on my phone. I also love going for car rides. I just love them…I also am afraid of heights. I don’t write these blogs as long…just short ones.

p.s. I’m a slow writer…

That’s all I have for today bye. Have a wonderful day! 🙂


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