Minecraft No.2

Today we will be learning how to craft things (if you don’t know how).First,  “Flint and Steel.” It’s so simple. You can mine iron and smelt it to make ingots, and  you also take something called flint. You can find flint in gravel. It’s  pretty easy to find. After you create a crafting table you can use the crafting table to build! You take the iron and put it in your crafting table. Put it in the middle on the left side, and then you take the flint and put it on the bottom in the middle. BOOM!!! Flint and steel. Thanks for reading. It means a lot to me.😁





Minecraft is a very simple and fun game and very educational for your kids. You can learn a lot from it. You can build fantastic houses and create structures with your friends. You can play mini games, too, like a building game called Build Battle. If you make a server you can play all kinds of mini games. You can even create moving structures with something called “red stone.” Your kids will love this game. You should play; it’s super fun!😊And that’s Minecraft. Thank you.